SyntheSys Software

Systems & Software


Software Development


We offer a bespoke software development service in support of our technical consultancy.  We also have specific expertise in the creation of technical data collection and message handling systems.


We are able to develop in a range of languages, and employ a variety of supporting infrastructure products to comply with Customers specific technology strategies.   However, our preferred languages are C++ and C# using Microsoft infrastructure products such as Microsoft SQL Server.


Requirements & Specification


We are able to offer a systems engineering service for Customers.  We have experience of addressing many of the systems engineering issues that arise on large Information Technology (IT) projects.   Our skills allow us to work with users and other experts to identify the requirements for new systems.  These requirements can  be expressed at a variety of levels depending on the nature and phase of the project.


Prototypes & Demonstrators


We use prototyping in several different ways.  As part of our development process we produce prototypes to help us and our Customers understand the requirements and the solutions.


We also develop prototypes which are effectively part of the output of the project.    These prototypes are often used as part of an experimental programme, to assess user experiences and encourage user feedback.  We have used this type of prototype to calibrate some of the metrics we have developed for Customers.


Air Traffic Management


Working with clients and partners, we are a leader in the development of techniques for quantifying the benefits of future technologies planned for Air Traffic Management (ATM) operations over the next decade.


We combine domain experience, gained through long term engagement on major ATM research and development programmes, together with small and highly productive software development teams and hands-on project managers.  This enables us to deliver early results from prototyping and software modelling activities, and achieve early engagement with the broader ATM community.


Our consultants are employed by a number of European research establishments providing specialist support in systems engineering, Human Machine Interface (HMI) and integration.


We also offer support in the implementation phases of projects delivering ATM systems.  Our consultants can assist with requirements, procurement, tendering, and systems engineering.