SyntheSys Software

Technical Consultancy


Prototyping & Modelling


We can provide advice on the use of prototypes and computer models in support of Research and Development activities, as well as other implementation projects.  We have used prototypes and demonstrators to help users understand the technical and operational issues involved in deploying new technology.


We have the flexibility to develop prototypes rapidly to investigate and explain new concepts and working procedures.




Information Technology (IT) Security must be high on the list of priorities for all businesses.  The threats are real and ever present.  The loss of a company's data will probably result in the eventual failure of the business.


Our consultants can help to put in place the technologies and procedures to protect against the threat.  Our consultants have experience of developing security management requirements for specific project.  We can also help with the introduction of improved IT security to all areas of organisation.  These include arrangements for achieving business continuity as well as addressing specific external and internal threats.




We are advising Customers on the use of metrics to drive business improvements.  Our experience is in the development of metrics based on operational data, as well as using software models and prototype systems as a software to measurement data.


We are currently using metrics to assess information inconsistency and overall system capacity.